Finally, Your Car's Exhaust Fumes Can Smell Like Cotton Candy

Disappointed by the aroma of your exhaust? This company can help

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There are some people in this world that enjoy the occasional whiff of exhaust fumes as they let their vehicle warm up in the morning. There’s no shame in that; I won’t judge. But for all the other folks out there who would rather bask in the aroma of something a little more palatable, then I’d like to introduce you to a company that sells fuel fragrances.

Power Plus, a company from California, offers a whole line of what it calls “fuel fragrances,” which it claims will not only make your exhaust fumes a little more pleasant on the nose but that can also somehow reduce irritation. From the website’s product description:

Power Plus fuel fragrances are designed to eliminate unpleasant exhaust odors and the eye, nose and throat irritations that come with them. Pre-mix with fuel or pour directly into your tank before filling up. Power Plus Lubricants fuel fragrances are safe for all internal combustion engines, injectors, carburetors, 02 sensors and catalytic converters. They do not inhibit or enhance engine performance. One 4 oz. bottle treats up to 35 gallons of alcohol/methanol, 20 gallons of gasoline or nitro methane or 10 gallons of diesel fuel.


A single four ounce bottle will run you $13.95 while a case of 12 bottles is $150.66.

I stumbled across this cursed product when Tim Stevens of Roadshow posted it on Twitter. It appeared that he found these fuel fragrances on Amazon, but I just had to know more. I had to find the website.


I thought the grape scent was going to be the worst of it, but oh, how wrong I was. If you like the childlike comfort of something sweet, you can purchase scents like “full blown bubble gum” and “rocket cotton candy.” If you like a neutral scent, there’s the “born bad baby powder” fragrance. You can go fruity with watermelon, grape, apple, strawberry, and more. For that autumnal flair, there’s “hot rod hippie patchouli,” “victory vanilla,” and “super sonic cinnamon.” And if you’re more of the savory type, well, there’s always “pop a wheelie popcorn.”


The very best scent, though? “Reefer madness.” You can in fact purchase an additive for your fuel that makes your exhaust smell like marijuana. Why that’s appealing is beyond me, since it seems like you’re just asking for the police to have a reason to hassle you, but perhaps there’s a use and appeal here that I’m missing. I don’t frequently ask men to come explain things to me, but if you’re a man with an explanation here, I’ll listen. If you try to explain anything else, I will launch you into the sun.

In the meantime, I want to know if you — or some other unfortunate soul in your life — have used one of these scented fuel additives. What was it like? What was your reasoning? Did it make a difference? Please, the people need to know.