Finally: An Electric Car That Embodies Old-School Gasconade

Images by the manufacturer
Images by the manufacturer
Photo: FCA

I didn’t think we’d need two posts about the Fiat 500 today, but then again, I don’t think anybody could have been prepared for the ostentatious majesty of the Bvlgari “Never Too Much” edition of the cute little car.

Bvlgari is one of those words you’ve probably seen associated with fancy shit but in case you were wondering, the company primarily sells jewelry, watches, and handbags. And it’s “bull-gur-ee,” though I’m not about to stop saying “buhvul-gary” because one cannot simply use a V as a U, godamit. I don’t care how sexy or Italian you are.


I assume Fancy Kristen shops there and could tell me more about it but she’s on vacation right now and said something about feeding me to pet sharks if I called her, so, that’s out.

You’re stuck with me today and I love this peacocky dashboard and I don’t care who knows it.

This thing rules. Shame it won’t be a regular trim level. Fiat’s only making one and selling it for a lot of money “will be donated to one of the organizations environmentalists of Leonardo Di Caprio.” (As translated from Italian). At least it’s going to what sounds like is probably a good cause!


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Bradley Brownell

ONE! ONLY ONE!??! Dammit, I was going to head down to my Fiat dealer to place an order tomorrow, because that thing is a DELIGHT!