Finally: A Chevy Silverado 6x6 That Kind of Looks Like a Hummer

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stared wistfully out my window and wished that someone, anyone, would build another six-wheeled pickup truck. Well friends, it appears that Bureko will make my dream come true as soon as I can come up with €300,000.

Behold the Bureko 6x6: a mobile land mass that started life as a heavy duty Chevy Silverado, got chopped and stretched and stuffed full of fancy accessories and is now being sold by a German and Czech company by the same name.


The full four-door crew cab model is over 20 feet long, seven feet wide and the roof at stands just under seven feet tall. The weight is listed as a surprisingly modest 6,040 pounds.

The company claims it will juice the 6.2-liter V8 engine to 1,200 horsepower if you’d like, because why not, and Bureko CEO Herbert Herrmann told me price is “around €300,000” (about $340,000) then of course you’ll need to pay Europe’s taxes on top of that.

Apparently only 25 of these will be built, but they are street legal, at least in Germany. It seems like driving a six-wheeled Silverado through Europe would be like moving a sectional couch into a dorm room, but perhaps I’m just too much of a peasant to have the imagination for this thing. The German outlet Auto Motor Und Sport actually did take a quick test drive, but their driving impressions as translated by Google don’t go too far beyond what you can probably tell about this thing by looking at pictures.


As for the actual feasibility of the Bureko 6x6, you can see from the video and photography that at least a few have been built already. Plus, there appears to be a building with the company’s name on it. So. There’s that!


The machine is goofy, obviously, but I have to admit I actually think it looks pretty cool. In a video game/Hot Wheels/Lego Movie fever dream kind of way. The front grill and headlight situation kind of looks like a mix of Jeep Cherokee and a Hummer and it’s 100 percent working for me. GM’s square wheel wells really work with this preposterously chunky design and I dig the Hummer hood handles, too.


The interior pretty much looks like any other high-trim Silverado, which is nice enough I guess but still a little disappointing contrasted by the bonkers body.

There are plenty of pictures on Bureko’s website, but in case you can’t be bothered to click, let me just go ahead and leave you with the only text on Bureko’s About Us page:

The power of the volcano. The eruption of enthusiasm. Scorching passion. Geysers of spurting emotions. Hephaestus himself, the son of Zeus and Hera, the lame god of fire and the blacksmith of gods, started to work together with his helpers. He blew giant bellows under Mount Vesuvius and Etna. He worked tirelessly for long centuries, and using his hammer, anvil and tongs, he conjured up a jewel of inestimable value.

During this time, perhaps hundreds of suns died out and the galaxy changed its appearance countless times. However, Hephaestus did not draw in his horns and he persevered to the end. Finally, it was finished. From dark flames in deep caverns near the hot Earth’s core, a work of art of unprecedented beauty, unrelenting force and elegant shapes arose. Similar to the mythical Prometheus who stole fire from the Olympian Gods and gave it to first humans, which changed their destiny forever, we want to give humans a revolutionary invention. BUREKO cars have proclaimed an irreconcilable war against all cunning enemies such as boredom, idleness, grey and ordinariness. Our guns include top quality, many years of proven experience, state-of-the-art technologies, innovations inspired by original dreams and commitment to follow through with our novel ideas.


There you have it. Want to tangle with ancient gods, you’re going to need a big-ass pickup truck.


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