Finally, yesterday evening, Cadillac revealed a fresh new look at what a potential V8-powered flagship sedan could look like. Is Cadillac finally back?

Or has Cadillac been back?

Finally, a Cadillac concept with rear wheel drive, a (twin-turbo) V8 and big, bold looks to bring the American brand back to being the Cadillac of cars. If it makes it to production.

Finally, a Cadillac sedan that feels comfortable and traditional, re-establishing the brand back to its former luxurious roots.

Finally, a Cadillac with opulent looks designed for the 21st Century.

Finally, a Cadillac sedan with all of the luxury and performance we’ve been asking for in stunning tuxedo-sharp bodywork.

Finally, a Cadillac special-ordered to take on the German juggernauts directly, with sharp looks, great performance and offered at a competitive price.

Finally, a Cadillac concept that shows the brand still has life, and can still form some beautiful body work.

So when, exactly, are we all going to start realizing that Cadillac is “finally” back, and has been back for awhile?


If you haven’t changed your narrative yet, you should at least be questioning it.