In a stroke of genius, Vlad from YouTube channel Garage 54 ENG decided to fill an old Russian Lada sedan with five tons of concrete. The result? Getting the manual-trans car to move at all under its own power with all that weight onboard was a real struggle that likely chewed the hell out of that clutch.


Garage 54 ENG is at it again, except this time, instead of filling a car’s tires with concrete, the host, Vlad, filled an entire vehicle with the stuff. Five tons of it, actually.

In the video, the host buys a Lada 1300 using what looks like Russia’s Craigslist-equivalent. Then he builds a barrier out of wood to keep liquid concrete away from the driver’s seat, and then the host proceeds to fill the car through the trunk and the rear driver’s side window.


After pouring five tons of concrete in and letting it to dry, Vlad tries driving off, but the car simply doesn’t budge. Instead, it just sits there, rolls a few inches in either direction, and produces smoke from underneath that the host initially mistakes for clutch.

He ultimately concludes that the smoke wasn’t coming from the clutch disc. Still, it wouldn’t have been surprising if it were, because the guy revs the crap out of the engine as he tries releasing the clutch to get the car moving and to avoid stalling. After towing the bottomed-out Lada with a G-Wagen to get the car’s tires out of a little low-spot in the road, the host actually manages to accelerate the vehicle from a stop, not just once, but a couple of times down his street.

Granted, it’s slow, the ride is horrendous, and it’s clear he has to burn up some clutch in the process, but hey, he does manage to get the car moving. And that seemed like the goal in this largely pointless, but still highly entertaining experiment.

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