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Lapo Elkann, billionaire heir to the Italian family that built Fiat and a notorious playboy, was arrested in New York last weekend for faking his own kidnapping with an escort, multiple news sources report.


According to The Daily Beast, the 39 year-old heir to grandfather Gianni Agnelli’s fortune was arrested following two days of cocaine, marijuana and alcohol use with an escort he met online, unnamed police “sources” told the publication. Elkann then reportedly faked his kidnapping, requesting a $10,000 ransom.

The family alerted police of the supposed kidnapping, and when the two arrived to retrieve the money, they were arrested by police.

Cops pounced once the two men arrived. Elkann was charged with filing a false police report, but was not taken into custody and instead given a desk appearance ticket, authorities said. In regards to his male companion, cops said that his arrest was voided and sealed.

The latest alleged indiscretion in Manhattan wouldn’t be the first time Elkann found himself doped up and in the company of a prostitute. In 2005 shortly after the passing of his legendary grandfather, Elkann came close to dying from a cocaine overdose in the red-light district of Turin, Italy.


NYPD voided and sealed the arrest of Elkann’s companion.

Elkann is infamous for his lavish sense of style and proclivities for partying, but his wild life has gotten him into trouble more than a few times. He suffered a near-fatal drug overdose in 2005, got robbed in 2013 to the tune of 3.5 million Euros worth of jewels and once fucked up the outcome of a Lakers game.

Maybe he should take up knitting, or something quieter?

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