Fiat 500 Turbo: Get Boosted For $2,000

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Fiat announced the pricing for the 2013 500 Turbo we've known about since 2009 and have seen for two months now. At $20,200 (including $700 destination), the Turbo does a Goldilocks between the $18,200 500 Sport and the $22,700 Abarth.


While the American Abarth gets an engine unique to the US, the Turbo looks like it gets the European 500 Abarth engine, as the two have the same output. As for us Americans, our 500 Turbo's 135 horsepower and 150 lb-ft of torque is short of the US Abarth's 160hp and 170 lb-ft, but ahead of the Sport's 101 hp and 98 lb-ft.


The 500Turbo does get the Abarth's big brakes and its own front lower control arms, but it misses out on the Abarth's limited-slip diff and other suspension upgrades.

Is it worth the $2,000 over the 500 Sport, or should you save your beer money for the Abarth?

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As much as I love Fiats (I am an owner of a 124 Spider), I'm disappointed that we're stuck with the 500 and cannot have the Punto Abarth. The 500 is great and all but the styling just doesn't work for me. Fiat is trying to hard to go for the new-retro style, and as a result I think it has made the 500 look like a mentally insufficient mouse. The Punto on the other hand is a sublime looking thing. Car makers should really start trying to go forward with car design, not backward then slightly forward.