Fiat 500 Arrives, But Not for US

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Fourth of July was the official launch date — 50 years after the original "Nuova 500" debuted. And a press conference this morning confirmed and elucidated what had been known for nearly a year. Fiat's new, new 500 is here. That is, in Europe; Fiat CEO Sergio Macchione dashed all hopes of a US-bound 500 in a statement earlier today. Nonetheless, as expected the price will be between €10,500 and €14,500 — a sweet spot for minicars — and will come with a catalog of accessories that makes Mini's choices seem downright Victorian. Stay tuned... More 500 to come.

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So..lemme get this straight. We MIGHT get Peugeot (ugh). But we WON'T get Fiat? What is wrong with you Euros?!