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Fiat 124 To Unreliable-Italian-Car Stereotypes: Drop Dead!

Illustration for article titled Fiat 124 To Unreliable-Italian-Car Stereotypes: Drop Dead!

When I was a kid, my mom bought a Fiat 128... which died of old age about two years later (it sure sounded cool to my 7-year-old ears as it ran through the gears, though). But I'm not going to let my personal experience color my opinion of Fiats, nor will I let the fact that I've never even heard of a North American Fiat that could go for more than a month without suffering some sort of catastrophic breakdown prejudice me against the marque. Not after seeing evidence of a daily-driven 124 living in New York City! I'm guessing it's a '66 or '67, judging from the lack of side marker lights. We can thank Harumph for sending these shots our way.


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Rob Emslie

That's a pretty minimalist door panel on the driver's side. I always wanted a 124, but then I weird that way.