FIA Wants Sebastien Loeb To Shave Those Sideburns, Hippy

Two senior FIA officials have suggested that television cameras refrain from showing close-ups of four-time World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb until he cleans-up his "scruffy" look. "Of course these persons are an insult to real males," wrote WRC Commission President Morrie Chandler, kicking off a hilarious email exchange.

"I watched the WRC Mexico highlights last night and I have to voice my opinion on the poor appearance of Sebastien Loeb on WRC-TV," wrote Surinder Thatti, Chairman of the Confederation Of African Countries in Motorsport. ""He was unshaven, scruffy looking and with unkempt hair!! It is wrong...when the FIA gives him global TV coverage to millions of viewers and to many children worldwide he is a hero and role model...I know there is a level of personal freedom one is allowed but I feel he is taking this too far and someone should talk to him or his team about this."


"Yes I watched the same as you did...Unfortunately it is not a problem that is unique to our sport as the same happens in football and other "male" sports," Chandler wrote in response. "My only solution is that we suggest to ISC that the camera does not cover them close up."

We're just glad FIA can't see us in our bedrooms office. (h/t Placebo, who is scruffy in a good way) [via AutoSport]

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