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FIA President Says F1 Shouldn't Complain About Expanded Calendar

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The number of races in a Formula 1 season has been slowly creeping up since the first season which had seven races in 1950. The 2020 season will have the most races ever with 22. While still fewer than the hundreds of races that NASCAR’s top series runs each year (36, actually), the larger calendar has led to concerns about travel, and teams are exploring new plans to rotate team members.


Regulations allow for future F1 seasons to have up to 25 races. Saudi Arabia hopes to join the calendar starting in 2023 with the new Qiddiya circuit, and Miami has a proposed parking lot track at Hard Rock Stadium for future seasons.

Autosport reports that FIA President Jean Todt isn’t concerned and doesn’t think others should be either.


“I really feel that, and I include myself, we are so blessed to be in a world where we love what we do. We have the passion. We are privileged,” he said, adding, “When I was in other positions, I was working 18 hours every day, seven days, six or seven days a week, because I had passion, I wanted a result.

“I do a lot in the other activities in my life, where I see people, if they are blessed, they get $30 a month,” he said. “In certain countries. So we should not forget that.”

Todt’s “It could be worse” rhetoric doesn’t have much in the way of solutions to the problems that F1 personnel really expect. Haas driver Kevin Magnussen said a few months ago, “Obviously the biggest problem is probably the team, the mechanics. All those guys are working very hard already, so it would be pretty tough for a lot of people in the team.”

Matt Brown is an automotive engineer, writer, and builder of unconventional things. Mostly vehicles.

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It’s always the people at the top, who have what you don’t, telling you to be happy with what you have.