In what has to be the biggest coincidence or worst timing of the year, La Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile, also known as the FIA, which is also known as the Association of Nazi Hooker Sex Parties, International, has launched the Everyrace, an anti-racism campaign. In all reality, this campaign is result of real-life shenanigans not involving Nazis or hookers, but rather racer Lewis Hamilton, who was on the wrong end of some backwards fans in Barcelona. At one point a group of fans even adorned black face paint and wore shirts bearing the words "Hamilton's Family." Max Mosley had something to say about the matter, as well.


According to ESPN, Mosley said regarding his attraction to motorsports "nobody cared about your background, race, gender or religion. All that mattered was how quick you were." Those nice words by Mosley, but we would imagine the Jewish fans would disagree (it took him five hours, as well).

The campaign includes the website that has a neat morphing faces image and a way for the fans to "Pledge Your Support," which entails providing the FIA with a name and e-mail address. Sadly, the logo was stolen from Ferrari. [ESPN]