Ferry Forgets To Keep Car On Boat

Ferries are cool, they are boats for cars because most cars can’t drive on water. An Australian couple on vacation saw first hand that their rented SUV doesn’t swim well after it took a dive off the back of a ferry. You had one job, ferry!

The Brisbane Times posted Facebook live footage of a rented 4x4 falling into the into the waters near Fraser Island, Austrailia. The truck was on the Manta Ray barge at the time and the craft had the ramp down while it was in motion.

The tourists couldn’t do anything but watch and film their truck slide towards the back of the ship and be swallowed by the sea. You can hear on the video that all of their belongings were inside the truck.


You can also see a man on the deck of the ship make a noble attempt to hold their car back with his bare hands and upon realizing he is not from the planet Krypton lets the car go.

The Times also reports that the Manta Ray’s crew were not in the vicinity at the time of the incident and witnesses who spoke to the site said the some of the crew were quite annoyed and told people to “calm down” and no one provided a reason as to why the ramp was down this far into the boat ride.

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Leaving the ramp down was a ferry bad idea.