Ferrari's Weird Ivory Color Is Great. Usually.

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Ferrari colors are controversial. Some people only like red. Others will make exceptions only for a few shades of yellow and black. There’s even a mad lad you might know who paints all of his Ferraris white. There’s one that tops all of those though, and honestly? It’s basically beige.

To me, the best Ferrari colors are the ones with pedigree. The ones that have been with us since the beginning. I’m talking colors like Grigio Scuro, Azurro Met, Grigio Met, Verde Abetone. But there’s one that catches my eye more than all the rest— Avorio.

Screenshot: Youtube

Avorio, or Ivory to those of you who can’t pretend to know Italian like I do, is a classic Ferrari paint choice. A sort of cream color, the creases and shadows that make Ferrari’s bodywork so special are on clear display on any Avorio-painted car.

Photo: Artcurial

But that can’t be it. Lots of colors look great on Ferraris. There’s something more to this color. It’s ivory, the color of well... ivory. You’re not supposed to kill elephants or walruses anymore to get giant tusks to display behind your desk like Joe Cabot in Reservoir Dogs. So how do you show people that you’ve still got that old-world ball-out flair? You paint your Ferrari ivory instead.

Photo: Reezocar

Have a look at this 308 GTB that’s for sale right now in Germany. Couldn’t you imagine how great this car would look on a tree-lined backroad somewhere in the Adirondacks, or maybe along the French Riviera? It’s a color that tells people that yes, you do have a Ferrari, but you wouldn’t be caught dead in a horse-embroidered baseball cap and you certainly don’t have a Ferrari phone case.


For a slightly newer example, try this Dino 308 GT4 on Petrolicious. Bertone’s sharp wedge wears the color even better than the curvier cars that preceded it.

Now, I should be clear. The color doesn’t work on every Ferrari. Our conversation about Avorio started when this FF was posted on Slack earlier this week doesn’t wear it all that well. In fact, the almost beige car seems like it could be mistaken for a taxi if you drove it to Berlin.


Another recent Ferrari to wear Avorio is this LaFerrari. I’ll be honest. It doesn’t really do the color (or the car) justice, but it’s certainly a cut above the FF.


, But the FF and the LaFerrari are exceptions. New Ferraris can still pull off Avorio. To illustrate my case, let me present to you an Avorio-painted F12 Berlinetta. Sure, theres a newer front-engined V12 Fezza these days, but the F12 is a great example of an attractive modern Ferrari and it wears the color well.

Photo: Youtube

I’m sure some of you might disagree with me. This isn’t an exactly unprovocative opinion. But I don’t care. Avorio is a great Ferrari color. It just is.

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