Most of us just string up a few lights and start grilling, but what if it was possible to make more use of the inside space on a race hauler? Say, if there were some ingenious way to connect two haulers together into a two-level Haus of Party? Say hello the race hauler/party bus combo that we deserve.

Up for sale now is Scuderia Ferrari's old pair of Formula One race haulers. Included are the two custom Astacar trailers as well as the Iveco Stralis trucks used to haul them.

The price is unlisted, however, I'm certain they're not up to trade two non-running FC RX-7s on blocks for them.


Perhaps the most interesting thing about this trailer isn't in the smartly finished red and white interior, but rather, the giant space you can set up between the two trucks.

There is a full two-story middle piece that would give you a full two floors of party space without ever having to let strangers into your fabulously overkill pair of race trailers. Forget the usual little string of Christmas lights. You can throw a full-on paddock rave in the space between these haulers.

Let's be honest, though: you were never that keen on staying in a grungy motel out by the track. With this hauler set's plush couches, you can invite at least one or two other entire race teams to snooze inside, in the climate-controlled comfort of your race haulers.


Also included with these trailers are more television sets than I've ever owned in my entire lifetime. Use them to review race footage, set up technical components on the car, or pass time after your car breaks early for the weekend. I mean, why go back to your stinky little house when you could wait it out here?

Because these trailer were used up 'til a couple years ago by Scuderia Ferrari, they come with quite some history. Per the listing:

There are the Transport units that Ferrari have used for the last 10 years (with constant updates), from the world titles of Schumacher until the last season with Alonso and Massa. There are plates of the Drivers and Technicians in the seats of the conference table and there is the office of Team Principal Stefano Domenicali.


Just think: Michael Schmacher's underwear was stashed in here somewhere. That right there makes these a bargain, for whatever they're selling for.

Also included with the best motorsport party space ever are some immaculate workspaces, such as a long row of toolboxes and some interior computer work stations.


But enough about that. Toy hauling space is a given. You're buying this bus to party, right? Right.

Listed for sale at Motorsport Auctions here.

(Interesting sidenote: Motorsport Auctions got Marussia's trailers as well.)

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