Ferrari turns 70 next year, and to celebrate, the company will offer 350 special edition cars— five different vehicles painted in 70 liveries dedicated to the most famous Ferrari drivers in history. Here are a couple of those liveries.

The four liveries Ferrari showed at the Paris Motor Show are called “The Schumacher,” “The McQueen,” “The Green Jewel,” and “The Stirling.” (The fifth livery shown in the picture above was shown separately).

The Schumacher


The 488 GTB shown at the Paris Motor Show with “The Schumacher” livery, is a nod to the F2003-GA single-seater— the car Germany’s racing hero used to win six grand prix victories and a world championship in 2003.

Photo: Plinio Lepri/AP


Sadly, there’s no Marlboro or Shell logo: two defining visuals of Schumi’s undefeatable car.

The McQueen


Ferrari says the California T with “The Steve McQueen” livery was inspired by the legendary actor’s 1963 250 GT Berlinetta lusso. Like that car, which McQueen’s wife Neile Adams gifted him, Ferrari’s livery has a brown paint job and a camel leather interior.


I see Ferrari decided not to go with the wire-spoke wheels. I’m sure that was a tough call.

The Green Jewel


“The Green Jewel” is a bright paint job with big circular numbers on the sides— very similar to the way British racing driver David Piper painted his Ferrari 365 P2 race car back in the mid 1960s. Piper took that car and won Nine Hours of Kyalami in ‘65 and ‘66, and also won the Trophée d’Auvergne at Clermont-Ferrand.

Unfortunately, there’s not a giant radiator duct in the hood like the race car.

The Stirling


The fourth and final of the liveries Ferrari showed in Paris was “The Sterling,” in this case an F12 Berlinetta with a paint scheme bearing striking resemblance to the 250 GT Berlinetta SWB that Stirling Moss piloted to win the 1961 Tourist Trophy.

Photo: Andrew Basterfield


All 350 these special edition cars are sold out. That’s not surprising, as there’s no move more “classic Ferrari” than debuting cars you can’t even buy.

Still, we at Jalopnik love racing liveries. So it’s cool that Ferrari is giving love to the drivers who helped build their brand.