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Ferrari Will Let The Internet Name Its New F1 Car

Illustration for article titled Ferrari Will Let The Internet Name Its New F1 Car

In what could have been the greatest opportunity for internet trolls ever, Ferrari is going to let fans choose the name of its new F1 car. Unfortunately I have a feeling it won't be the 2014 Ferrari Booger Sex F1 3000 King Ranch Edition. Damn it.


In an unprecedented move, Ferrari is going to put name choices out to fans on social media and let their votes pick the name of the car. They won't be letting us morons vote on names of our own choosing, because that would be hilarious anarchy.

Expect choices like F146, F2014, 246F1, and the ilk. Don't expect things like F-250, GT40, Schumi Sucks, or LeFerrariLaF1LaCar.


Oh well, one can dream.

(Hat tip AndyCiarniello!)

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