Ferrari Went Retrowave

Ferrari doesn’t need to advertise. All it needs to do is put a prancing horse badge on something red with a big engine and it’s gonna sell enough hats and jackets to stay in business. Even still, the company puts together some media for its cars, and for the new 812 Superfast, it went retrowave.

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Ferrari branded the 812 with the tagline, “Shift to the 12th dimension,” which is a real line that I did not make up.


I just found these little clip things while looking through the 812 Superfast’s webpage. I think they just run in the background for info.


I’m not going to dwell on this stuff too much as it verges on an ad, and I have already declared holy war against all commercials. Still, it’s kind of funny to see that half a decade after Kavinsky drove a Testarossa, Ferrari is going super duper retro future in its own work.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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No black belt-lines and straight edges; the transformation is incomplete.

More cars like the J50, please: