Ferrari Not Ruling Out A Hybrid

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According to the reporters at, which we're pretty sure is not how you say Edmunds in Spanish, the folks at the automaker centered in Maranello are aware of the environment. That is to say, they're conscious of the political environment, and the high probability that the European Union's going to be forcing them to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions at some point in time. More importantly, they've noticed that with the present lineup of models, Ferrari's got some "difficulty" in achieving the current requirements of a reduction of CO2 emissions of 120 grams per km by 2012. That's what we're hearing from Amadeo Felisa, the "chief of a main directorate technical and responsible for production of Ferrari" (at least, that's what Babelfish calls him). He's also saying they may do a number of things to insure they meet the new regs. Things they're not open to are biofuels, diesels or making a low-cost and low-powered range of vehicles. Things they are open to include distribution of quota room to Fiat, direct injection or regenerative-braking and...wait for it...hybrid motors. Yup, the money shot's always at the end.

Ferrari busca alternativas poco contaminantes [ via Motor Authority]

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