Ferrari just unveiled the FXX K, a hybrid V12 track monster with 1,035 horsepower and 50 percent more downforce than the already bonkers LaFerrari. But the best part is that its name is basically Fuck. And Ferrari knew exactly what they were doing. Naming its fastest ever car after explicit coitus is brilliant.

Italy's most famous automaker always comes off as rather serious. While the cars, especially the recent models, are fantastic fun to drive, you don't envision the people running the company are having a laugh. They exert a staggering amount of control over who can purchase certain models and are even rumored to put the squeeze on well heeled buyers if they don't order cars with enough options.

Now, the FXX K is one of those cars that you can only buy if Ferrari says it's ok. You can't take it home, you have to keep it in Maranello, and Ferrari will bring it out for you to drive when they say you can.

It's all very protected and secretive. It's also awesome.

We expected that the car would be called LaFerrariXX, because that's how the 599XX was named and it made sense. But FXX K, where the K stands for KERS, makes the name just a cleaned up expletive.



What's great is that Ferrari has totally embraced it. I imagine a moment where they were going to call it the LaFerrariXX, but when it came off the track, the test driver said "Cazzo. Che ma veloce." Or, in English, "Fuck. That's fast."


Then the marketing departments got wind of the test driver's reaction and decided to find out how they could get away with naming the newest, fastest Ferrari after one of the most infamous of the seven dirty words. It's sheer marketing brilliance and totally makes up for the naming farce that is LaFerrari.

Thankfully, Ferrari is publicly embracing it.

Ferrari's North Europe PR man Jason Harris has been talking about the name on Twitter all morning. To say that he's enjoying the reaction is an understatement.



On the road, the supercar battle is currently between the McLaren P1, the Porsche 918, and the LaFerrari. But wouldn't you rather take the Fuc... I mean FxxK to the track to destroy the P1 GTR?

I thought so.