​Ferrari Is Building 10 Special Edition Cars Just For Us Americans

This year marks Ferrari's 60th birthday selling in the states, and to commemorate that – and its kick-ass sales so far this year – it's creating 10 special edition models for the U.S. Please let it be the 458 Montana. Please let it be the 458 Montana. Please…


I heard some rumblings about this last week when from our friends at the Axis Of Oversteer overheard then-CE0 Luca di Montezemolo mentioning a special edition Ferrari at Monza. Now Auto Express is confirming that the project is a go and slated to debut next month.

"To celebrate Ferrari's 60th year in the USA, we have developed a special car of which just 10 examples will be built, in addition to planning a major event in Los Angeles to bring together all our American clients and collectors, and a charity initiative," di Montezemolo told AE.

"Race Through The Decades 1954-2014" is happening in Los Angeles on October 12, with 60 historic Ferraris running down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and that's the model's coming-out party.

There's no hint at exactly what Ferrari plans to tart-up for the U.S. market, but something in 458 flavor seems feasible. Although I'm hoping for something a bit more inspired, like the cars Jason came up with recently.


Look at that thing. You know people would buy it.

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