Ferrari Gives Crazy Deal To Lawyer Who Ditched His Car In A Flood

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Remember Howard A. Levitt, the hardworking Canadian employment lawyer and car enthusiast forced to ditch his Ferrari California in a flood so he could win a case for his client? It turns out he's getting a brand-new Ferrari, and it's a gift from the folks at Maranello themselves.


Levitt had to leave his 2010 California during the record-breaking July floods in Toronto in order to catch a plane so he could win a case for a client. The National Post reports that the California was unfortunately a total loss.


When Levitt contacted Ferrari with interest in a new car — a 2014 California this time — the Post reports that the company had already heard of him and offered him "a deal he couldn't refuse." Levitt wouldn't give details on the exact discount, but said Ferrari was "very generous" in discounting the $300,000 car.

In the meantime, he's been driving his 1994 Dodge Viper as a backup, but expects to take delivery on the California in November. Here's what he told the newspaper:

“As you can see, I enjoy sports cars,” he said. “It’s not been exactly painful to be driving a Viper.”

“I view cars as one of the few things I do that I’m happy to spend money on and I get a lot of pleasure from.”

I say good for Levitt. As we saw in the flood incident, he's clearly a resilient and unflappable guy who loves cars but still has the right priorities. I can't imagine too many people would have ditched a Ferrari and still busted ass the way he did.

Also, kudos to Ferrari for valuing one of their customers. This is just a cool story all around.

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Marcin Radzikowski

His office is just around the corner from mine and I had seen that Ferrari quite regularly. He parked it on the street and drove it in the could tell he was a car guy. Saw his Viper just a couple of hours ago...