Ferrari Flambé: Italian Automaker Probes 458 Italia Fires, Blames Drivers

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After four fires in two months Ferrari has finally come around to the idea that something may be amiss with the 458 Italia and launched a probe. But the Italian automaker doesn't want to rule out driver ineptitude.


Last week, after reports that the first 458 Italia in the United States self-destructed in Costa Mesa, Calif., Jalopnik asked Ferrari's North American arm whether there was any concern about the summer of Car-B-Que, and was told no information was available.

This week, after video surfaced of another 458 Italia charbroiling on a Chinese highway, Ferrari told European outlets that yes, four fires in a rare supercar does seem odd, and that the company is "very concerned."

"The company is currently investigating the particular incidents in which vehicles have apparently been involved in a vehicle fire, and it is currently treating these as separate incidents."

Another Ferrari spokesman told Just-Auto that it was "important to differentiate between what is a vehicle fire and outside factors and I would include driver error."

As for the United States? We called Ferrari North America back this morning and got the same answer we did last week. So, if you're the owner of a 458 Italia, the best advice we have is this: Don't let its engine bay catch fire. The more you know.


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mkbruin, Atlas VP

I posted this same thing yesterday... what are some possible driver error causes that would cause a car to spontaneously combust?

"I forgot to turn my left turn signal off, which drained the blinker fluid, which led the flux capacitor control module to overheat and short, causing the fire."

"I turned the radio on, which caused the fuel line in the intake manifold to rupture."

"I accidently dropped some C4 in the engine bay. I just figured it would dislodge itself while I was driving and fall to the ground."