Ferrari Finally Got F1 Cars To Sound Decent Again

One thing I dearly miss in the offseason is the roar of Formula One cars. While they’re not as loud as the V8s or V10s of eras past, the V6 turbo engines have slowly upped the volume back up to an acceptably rowdy level. Here’s what this year’s Ferrari SF70H sounds like. It’s finally decent again.

Like their rivals at Mercedes, Ferrari debuted their brand new SF70H Formula One car on track. Here’s Kimi Räikkönen taking the car through its paces at Ferrari’s private Fiorano test track.


If there’s one thing I love about modern Formula One engines, it’s that unhinged growl they make while off throttle. You can tell just by the sound when the driver is on or off it he most obvious and jarring way, and it’s wonderful. That low rumble gets me every time. Every single time.

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davesaddiction @

When I went to COTA in 2012, the V8s just screamed and I could feel the sound as they came by. If I hadn’t used hearing protection most of the time, I’m sure I would have experienced hearing loss. The sounds of them downshifting coming into Turn 11 are etched into my brain.

When I went back in 2014, I didn’t use my ear plugs once...

Decided to go down for Lonestar Le Mans instead last year.