Ferrari Driver Mysteriously Shot In The Balls, Drives Into Emergency Room

Most Ferraris make the news for catching on fire.

But how about one covered in blood and driven into an emergency room by a man shot in the legs and testicles?

Last Sunday morning, workers at the Cardarelli hospital were surprised to see a yellow Ferrari 458 pull up into the emergency room. The driver, 31-year-old Antonio Sarno, had been shot in his legs and testicles, while his passenger was shot in her foot.

The two victims claimed they were victims of a botched carjacking. They stated that they were stopped at a traffic light at around 2AM when robbers, armed with guns, approached on motorcycles and ordered Sarno to give them the $230,000 yellow Ferrari. Sarno refused and floored it, so the robbers opened fire. One bullet shattered the window of the car, others strike their bodies. Without stopping, Sarno drove directly into the emergency room at Cardarelli hospital.

His condition is unknown, while his passenger is expected out of the hospital in about two weeks.


Neither Sarno or his passenger can name the street where the shooting took place, reports La Repubblica Napoli. The Ferrari was impounded by the police for investigation. The authorities currently believe it is unlikely that the driver was injured while sitting in his car.

Friend of Jalopnik Axis of Oversteer notes that Naples has some Baltimore-style slums, and the carjacking story is certainly up for dispute.


Photo Credit: Il Mattino

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