Ferrari Doesn't Give A FXX K About The Nürburgring

Ferrari FXX K
Ferrari FXX K

Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s man in charge of the wild track-only XX model series, recently sat down with to chat about the 599XX and FXX K, as well as its competition. And he reminded us all that Ferrari still doesn’t give a FXXK about anybody’s Nürburgring times.


Ever since the Pagani Zonda demolished the 599XX’s Nürburgring time back in 2010, Ferrari hasn’t worried too much about setting lap times at the famed track.

With the recent field of competition including the Aston Martin Vulcan, Lotus 3-Eleven and McLaren’s P1 GTR against Ferrari’s absolutely ballistic track-only models, Galliera admits that Ferrari is pretty chuffed that other companies were inspired by the XX range to develop their own track-only projects.

But Ferrari isn’t worried about losing FXX K or 599XX sales to competitors, because it’s more about the feeling and experience of the car and not, say, how fast it laps a test track like the famed Nürburgring.

From the Top Gear interview:

TG: But you must see McLaren, Lamborghini and Porsche setting records at the Nürburgring and want a piece of the action? Ever fancy sending an FXXK to the Ring?

EG: No, because the key for us is to have our clients drive our cars after the competitors and climb out saying “wow, this is the one”. It’s not about the fastest timed lap, it’s about the feeling the car gives you. The sound of this V12 is all part of the experience, it’s like an old F1 car.


Galliera also confirms that there are no plans for any road-legal versions of the XX program cars, which are typically kept in Ferrari’s factory awaiting its owner’s request, and not sitting in someone’s garage.


The biggest problem Ferrari faces for its track only exploits isn’t the competition, but the demand. Every time they come out with a new XX model, everyone who bought the previous model is first in line, as well as all the new potential customers. To combat this, Ferrari tries to get XX owners to sell their cars to the new recruits in order for a key to the new model.

As far as plans for a future model beyond the final deliveries of the FXX K go, there’s nothing concrete. But if some technological advancements present themselves, Ferrari is ready to continue providing a select few with one of the greatest track experiences on the planet.


The interview covers a lot of details about XX ownership and is definitely worth a full read, over on

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So the brand established to fund it’s racing program is content with settling for not being the fastest.

Ferrari! A Miata for the rich.

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