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A Ferrari outside Vancouver, British Columbia completely, utterly, and totally destroyed a house last night when it caught fire. Because of course it did.


The Ferrari caught fire when it was garaged and plugged into a trickle charger in the unincorporated community of Strachan Point, according to the CBC. Because Strachan Point is a wealthy enclave that's technically not part of any municipality whatsoever, there was no local water supply that firefighters could tap into to stop the blaze.

The conflagration spread to the rest of the building before a fireboat from Vancouver could make its way over and spray seawater all over everything.


And now because Strachan Point is an unincorporated community, and thus its residents pay no taxes, the poor Ferrari owner is now possibly literally poor, as he or she now has to pay more than $100,000 in costs to the local fire departments.

The CBC doesn't specify what kind of Ferrari it was that burned down 1/17 of what I'm sure is a lovely 17-home seaside community. From the burned-out hulk it looks like it might have been a 575M or something, but I'm gonna go ahead and say it was a Mondial 8. Because if any Ferrari deserves to burn, it's the Mondial 8.

Photo credit: CBC

H/t to James and Jeff!

UPDATE: The "Ferrari" was apparently actually a Fauxrarri, according to The Province:

"The guy said it was a Ferrari, but it was a kit car," said Oliver. "A poor man's Ferrari ... he didn't even have the big engine in it, either."

The dressed-up, two-door, four-cylinder Pontiac Fiero apparently had ignited while its battery was being charged. The flames then spread to a second vehicle parked next to it.



H/t to LoneStranger on the update!

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