Ferrari Breadvan

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Oh, you're going to nitpick me about whether or not the 456 Venice is a shooting brake? Well, I call your mouth and re-raise you all in with this: Behold the Breadvan. The car is a direct result of the infamous "Palace Revolt" of 1961 when many of Ferrari's top boffins were sacked and/or quit because of a dust up with Enzo's wife. The big names? Giotto Bizzarrini, our personal lord and savior. Plus his awesome right-hand man, Carlos Chiti. These were the two cats who did the bulk of the work on the 250 GTO. Their plan? Build a better GTO. You can read all about it here, but the car they wound up creating, chassis #2819 , is a vehicle honed from a block of unadulterated awesome. Was it better than the GTO? The Breadvan was 143 lbs. lighter and was leading all the GTOs at Le Mans in 1962 when a mechanical snafu forced it out of the race. Plus, shooting, frigging brake. I think you know our answer. []