Ferrari Basically Made A Prettier Dodge Viper, But Only For This One Dude

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Photo: Ferrari

The Ferrari Omologata – Google says that means approved in Italian – is...

Huh, that’s a funny car name. Anyway, it’s a one-of-one built off the 812 Superfast, and it is undeniably awesome-looking.

Here’s my favorite cut from the news release: Take a good hit of this pomposity and you’ll be feeling fancy all weekend:

“Commissioned by a discerning European client, the latest offering in Ferrari’s line of unique coach built one-off models is a vibrant evocation of the values that define Ferrari in relation to GT racing: A car that is equally at ease on the road as it is hitting the apex on the track in the hands of a true gentleman driver.”


That’s how I know the car’s for a dude, by the way. The actual identity of the order-placer is unknown. But it seems like he had pretty good taste, because the product of his request is quite something.

Here are a few studio pictures:

And of course, you need some shadowy artsy frames:


And finally, Ferrari included a few interior teasers. I guess that only the extremely wealthy individual who bought the thing, and his friends, are allowed to see the whole cockpit now.


That exterior color is Rosso Magma. The news release didn’t include anything about the significance of the number seven. A little cursory research reveals that a few Ferraris have worn that number in competition, but I’m guessing it’s mostly just on there because it looks cool. If there’s a deeper story, you’ll probably see it in the comment section by the time this blog’s been up for a few hours anyway.

I’m one of those idiots who gets fired up over every Ferrari because Ferrari, but I don’t think you have to be Italian-car obsessed to appreciate the design of this thing. I mean, it’s freaking incredible. Too bad none of us will ever see it again beyond this batch of images.