Ferrari 599 GTO: The Official Order Sheet?

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Want "Racing Stripes" or "Historic GTO Stripes" on your new Ferrari 599 GTO? According to options "PNT5" or "PNT6" on this purported official order sheet, either will cost you $9500 plus tax. iPod connector? $668.


The base price of the upcoming Ferrari 599 GTO, a streetable version of the batshit-crazy Ferrari 599XX, will, if this order sheet procured by Autogespot is accurate, start at 267,136€ or $357,000 (minus taxes, tariffs and random other governmental duties). But that's just where the story starts — you want to hook up your iPod? That'll cost you 500€ ($668). You want to be able to turn the passenger side airbag off? That'll cost a cool 400€ ($534).

You want the Chrysler-sourced navigation system? That'll actually come standard. Sadly. The rest of the insanely high pricing, can be seen by clicking the image above. [Autogespot via Axis of Oversteer]


Jonathan Harper

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