Photo credit: Andrew
Photo credit: Andrew

In this weekend’s edition of nice cars and reckless driving, Champaign, Illinois outlet the News-Gazette reports that a 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB hopped over a curb after a wreck and ran into the front of a local barbershop. But, oddly, employees expected a car to smash into the front of the shop eventually.

The News-Gazette reports that local police said no one was hurt in the wreck, but the shop owner told the outlet that the crash did at least $20,000 in damage to the shop. The shop damage included a brick column, a brick wall and a window, and the damage to the Ferrari, well, just look at the photos for yourself.


The wreck started with a swerve by the Ferrari driver, identified as Lima Shen, 18, according to WCIA 3 News. Shen and a Volvo crashed into each other, and the Ferrari continued straight into Andy’s Barbershop after going over a curb.

But that apparently wasn’t a big surprise to the people who work at the shop. From WCIA 3 News:

People who work at the barber shop say they’ve worried about this sort of thing happening before.

“It’s always been a worry of ours at Andy’s Barbershop, being so close to Neil Street that someday a car might come through the front of the shop. We’ve actually been more concerned about the train behind the shop. But things like this happen every day,” says barber Jake Wetzel.

Well, as many reckless drivers as there are in the world, perhaps Wetzel’s got a point. Regardless, the News-Gazette reports that police cited Shen with reckless driving and improper lane usage.

The shop will be back open on Monday, and may have a few more customers asking to sit in the middle—to minimize risk from both sides, you know.


Thanks for the tips, everyone! And thanks to Andrew for the photo!

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