Ferrari 458 Italia Officially Recalled

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After a weekend filled with under-the-table secret recalls, the Ferrari Flambé may finally be coming to an end. An official recall of the Ferrari 458 Italia is coming by tomorrow morning. UPDATE: You heard it here first: It's official!

Superquant, a relative newbie to the FerrariChat ranks claims:

My dealer just informed me that as of 1 minute ago he learned that Ferrari has issued a recall on ALL 458 due to the fire situation.

Ferrari has determined the cause of the 458's that have caught on fire was from an adhesive that attached the heat shield under the rear fenders.
The heat shields were attached with an adhesive and became flammable under high temps. The new shield will be attached rivets, not any type of adhesive. Every 458 produced will get this new part so call your dealer now and set up your appointment which of course is free of charge.

Ferrari is not taking any chances and will replace this part on every 458 italia produced to date. Kudos to Ferrari for discovering this issue as this couldn't have been any easy find. Look for an official announcement from Ferrari within the next hour.


Although a second commenter immediately jumps in with the supercar recall version of "second," but we'll be waiting for the press release — especially after this weekend's supposed under-the-table secret recall.

UPDATE: A Ferrari spokesman confirms with Jalopnik that the company's dealers are calling all 458 owners to offer the fix, which affects only a handful of cars in the United States. Recently delivered 458s have already had the change made to avoid "thermal incidents," and Ferrari believes the changes take care of any engine fire risk.


As for whether Ferrari will replace any 458 that burned because of the problem, the official reply was: "Of course."

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