Ferrari 360 Modena Obliterated In Polish Accident

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UPDATE:Coming through in the clutch, tipster Karol Pawlak has provided a translation of the story below the fold.

We can't really read this article or find a good Polish to English translator, but from what we can gather, this used to be a Ferrari 360 Modena which was involved in a horrible accident in Warsaw, Poland. The car struck an overpass of after losing control at high speed, and shattered into bits. The driver, automotive journalist Maciej Zientarksi, was admitted to the hospital in critical condition, where he is undergoing multiple surgeries and is an induced coma. passenger, Jaroslaw Zabieg, was not so lucky and perished in the accident.The pics are tiny and we're looking for better ones We've got some new pics that make it a lot easier to tell just how violent this crash was. It's amazing anyone survived at all.

Ferrari Burned — Known journalist fights for his life

The passenger is dead and the driver hospitalized in critical condition after a Ferrari Modena 360 hit an overpass in Mokotow neighborhood of Warsaw. The car was driven by Maciej Zientarksi, as found out by RMF FM. The known automobile journalist is in critical condition. His friend who was driving with him, Jaroslaw Zabieg, a journalist for Super Express did not survive.

Zientarski, son of a known automobile journalist and expert Wlodzimierz Zientarski, hosted (among others) the program V Max on Polsat digital cable channel and is co-creator of the show "The Passionate Ones". The tragedy took place at around 10pm on Pulawska Street. The Ferrari, driven by Maciej Zientarski, was launched off the ground on an uneven part of the street where the speed limit is 50 km/h. The car, thrown off its path, went across a few meters of grass and ended up hitting the supporting beam for the overpass leading to Ursynow.

The car separated into two parts. One of them was completely burned. The bodies of the journalists were thrown from the car. The Super Express journalist, Jaroslaw Zabiega, died on the spot. Maciej Zientarski is fighting for his life in a hostpital and is undergoing multiple surgeries.

Tomas Glowacki, the press agent for the Warsaw fire department informed us that two engines were sent to fight the fire.

"The patient received multiple injures. I just cant tell you what his outcome will be. The case is dynamic, it could change at any moment" said Dr. Andrzej Chmura. "We don't ourselves know what can now occur." He added.

Dr. Chmura said: "We are trying to do everything that needs to be done. The operation was in the area of his stomach cavity and the patient will require at least one more surgery. He has spine injuries, but we will get to those after we stabilize him."

[via Karol Pawlak, Wirtualna]

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