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Something new everyday. Did any of you know that there were in fact four Group B Ferrari 308s? We had no idea, and we thought we knew the Killer Bs. Davey G sent me info on these cars as part of our continuing fight over the Mustache Ride. Here's the skinny:

In 1983 four Group B 308s were developed and they weren't that much different from the road cars. The initial car featured a 288 hp 2-valve engine, while the subsequent three cars all had 310 hp QV 4-valve mills. Extra-harsh rose-joint suspension bits were fitted to all four corners as well as Brembo brakes. The Group B 308s were about 70 pounds heavier than the standard cars, but that didn't stop them from snatching up two first place and two second place finishes in the 1983 campaign. Of course 1983 was the year before the Killer Bs went totally bat guano (never forget — 0-60 mph in less than two seconds!). Ferrari would need something else to compete. Something with the GTO moniker perhaps. Still, as Davey pointed out to me, "Trump." This round Johnson, this round. []

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I've always said that a 308GTB would make a great present-day rally car, especially since the heritage is there. Sure, spendy to repair, but on a tarmac stage it'd wipe the floor with all the Urabus WRXs and Mitsu Evos.

And with the relatively inexpensive price of a 308GTB, it's tempting. Now if I weren't living in poverty...