Fernando Alonso Out Of Hospital But Will Miss Last Formula One Test

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McLaren confirmed in a statement today that driver Fernando Alonso has gone home from the hospital to his family's home in Spain. He will continue recovery there, but will be forced to miss the last preseason Formula One test.

Reserve driver Kevin Magnussen will replace Alonso at the test, sharing driving duties of the new McLaren MP4-30 with Alonso's teammate, Jenson Button.


No further details were given about the injuries sustained from the crash or whether or not Alonso will make the first race of the year. Initial reports called it a concussion, and the crash itself was blamed on unusually high winds at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

UPDATE: Because of the three days time Fernando Alonso spent in the hospital afterwards, the FIA plans to investigate the circumstances of the crash. According to Autosport, they are reviewing both the telemetry captured by McLaren as well as closed-circuit TV footage of the accident from the track itself. The CCTV from near Turn 4 looks back at Turn 3 and shows Alonso going wide, attempting to correct, slowing down, and then hitting the wall inside Turn 3. Perhaps the FIA are doubting the "gust of wind" theory, as McLaren has kept the details of the accident (such as impact speed and G-forces of the hit) out of the public eye.


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It seems kinda suspicious that he would have to sit out another test with only a concussion. I am not saying a concussion isn't serious but in the NFL they don't have to sit out that long. The concussed player will be on the field the next week. It seems to me that something else is going on with that McLaren but I don't think any of us will know anytime soon.