Felipe Massa Criticises FIA For Allowing Japanese GP Race In Heavy Rain

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Felipe Massa criticised FIA Race Control for its decision to continue the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka, Mie before the crash by fellow driver Jules Bianchi.


Although the race was restarted and finished, it had previously been red flagged for rain after just three laps with a safety car. Massa, who ended up in seventh place after the race appeared pretty outraged that the race had been allowed to continue when he spoke to Sky Sports F1.

I am very concerned about Jules. In my opinion, we started the race too early and we ended it too late. I was screaming on the radio five laps before the Safety Car that there was too much water on the track. It was dangerous.

Some commenters on the Sky Sports website have responded to Massa's criticism with criticism of their own, with a few speaking about how Williams was not prepared for wet conditions. They allege that Massa's initial complaint was due to his vehicle not being adequately ready for these conditions.

Massa should keep his criticism's of race control to himself, he wanted the race stopped because his car is not very good in wet conditions, if he had problems staying on the track, he had the option of pitting for full wets but he chose to stay out in the hope of getting a safety car which they got, sorry Massa, You can't have it both ways when you yourself did not take the necessary precaution of using fully wet tires!

Regardless of why Massa's initial complaint was made, it seems clear that conditions were likely not the best with Typhoon Phanfone bearing down on us in Japan. This clearly included Suzuka-shi, Mie-ken, where the Japanese Grand Prix takes place.

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The promoters had a chance to move the race up early that was suggested by the FIA before the rains came but didn't. That was mentioned during the F1 broadcast.