Felipe Massa Can't Find His Pit Stall

Ooooooops! Not a McLaren yet buddy.


Williams' Twitter had this to say of the mix-up:

I concur, Williams. Martini on white looks too good, so the McLaren team needs to embrace a less boring color for their pit crews, like lavender. Lavender would be pretty rad.

This little mix-up didn't even seem to phase Felipe Massa. He managed to finish third after the inevitable Mercedes 1-2 in front of his home crowd. Well done, Brazilian, well done.

Correction: He pulled into the McLaren pit, not the Mercedes pit.


You sure this wasn't the McLaren pits? The Mercedes pits would be in the second stall and Williams are at the back with the 9 teams running.

That being said, I loved the Storm Trooper fire suits the Mercedes team had in 2011