Feds Spruce Up The Star Wars Premiere With Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will not be launching its holiday anti-drunk driving campaign on Christmas. No, our government has chosen a vastly more important occasion: Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening day.


Yep, NHTSA is launching its don’t drive drunk, buzzed, or whatever campaign on December 17th, specifically noting that it will be in conjunction with the new Star Wars flick..

Here’s exactly how the Department of Transportation alerted the media:

On Thursday, December 17, at 10 a.m. ET, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will unveil new Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over ads.

They will kick-off the nation’s holiday campaign on drunk drivers and release new drunk driving data. The announcement will take place at the Washington, D.C. opening day of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In fact, NHTSA will be at the Washington, D.C. premiere at Regal Gallery Place Theater Lobby, at 701 Seventh Street. Happy Star Wars viewers will be greeted by a “DUI Mobile Enforcement Van,” cop cars, cops, and new “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” ads.

Sounds like fun! Don’t get blitzed during the Star Wars movie and then drive your car.

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Ratchet when he's all hopped up on synthetic energon

I absolutely get it, drunk driving is bad(tm). However, I think we’ve gone stupid in how we’ve approached it and overboard in its demonization. As soon as alcohol is determined to be present, no other cause is looked for in an accident. A situation in which it’s elsewise 100% Alice’s fault will become 100% Bob’s fault if Bob is found to have alcohol in his bloodstream. If anyone involved has consumed any amount of alcohol, it’s considered an “alcohol-related accident”.

“Well, it’s a 100% avoidable action that results in scientifically proven decreased driving performance!” No shit. And for one, driving performance is a sliding scale. You three beers deep could be a better driver than I am sober, but you after a beer is considered some huge menance to society. Sober car control is never ever taken into consideration (outside of the newly licensed or elderly). And for two, a number of other things that are 100% avoidable choices decrease performance like poor vehicle maintenance, being tired, or having distracting passengers, and no one gives two shits about those (not anywhere near the level of drunk driving, at least).

However, I’ll concede that if we did full-on investigation and didn’t immediately put 100% of the fault on an accident on the person with a non-zero BAC, it might remove some of the disincentives to drive after drinking.