Feds Investigating What Happened With This Drone Nearly Colliding With a Helicopter

Screenshot: YouTube (CBS Miami)

The Federal Aviation Administration is looking into a near-collision involving a drone and a helicopter near Hollywood, Florida, according to multiple reports. And it came damn near close to contact.


After the FAA was informed of the video on Friday, the agency confirmed it was investigating what’d happened.

A local ABC affiliate described why the feds are interested:

FAA rules prohibit drones from flying near other aircraft and to be aware of FAA Airspace Restrictions.

One restriction states drones are not to fly over 400 feet. In the video comments, Masih Persian claims he was flying below that level.

Before it was removed by the user, most comments condemned Masih Persian for flying the drone irresponsibly.

The ABC station said the caption for the video showed the drone pilot’s aware he’s fortunate:

Enjoying an afternoon flight with my drone around Hollywood Beach, FL. A private helicopter flew right into my drone. I guess I got lucky that day nothing has happened. Phewww.


By the look of the video, the drone flies within the helicopter’s course and just missed striking it by a few feet, the ABC affiliate says.

Be smart out there.

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