Fastest Street Legal Car In Israel A Fiat X1/9?

Amid the souped-up Subarus and maxed-out Mitsubishis one of the fastest street-legal cars in Israel is actually a 10-second Fiat X1/9 powered by a heavily modified 2.0-liter Lancia Integrale motor. The Middle East is crazier than you thought.

Despite the questionable reliability of Fiat cars, dropping the potent 16v turbo motor into a super light car like the X1/9 (less than 1,800 pounds) is a recipe for speed success. This video from a few years ago shows it spanking an Impreza and mentions it has a MoTeC engine management system as well as a Garrett turbo.


It's a little long and cheesy, so you can skip to about 16:20 to see the final showdown.

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