Farewell, Jalopnik Faithful

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Much like Michael Jordan or Deion Sanders, I am yet again hanging up my blogging sombrero and riding driving off into the sunset. My time at Jalopnik has been memorable, but unlike most young journalists I am taking a career step backwards by moving to a traditional print publication at The Dallas Morning News.


OK, I won't necessarily be moving to print, but rather I'll be doing editorial and production work for Dallasnews.com the Web site for The Dallas Morning News. So technically I'm still an online guy, but whatever.


What kind of farewell post wouldn't include a reflection? Ray hired me primarily as a technology guy and immediately threw me in with the wolves at the Detroit Auto Show. Prior to my time at Jalopnik I knew a little more than the average bear, but I was far from an enthusiast or gearhead. I was privileged to learn about the industry under the bright minds of Ray, Matt, Ben and the rest of the Jalopnik crew, but what I learned the most from my time here is not about the inner workings of an automobile, but rather, what it is like to be an automotive enthusiast. It's a full time job being an enthusiast and I applaud you folks, the Jalopnik readers and commenters, for being so dedicated.

And with that, I am out. Don't hesitate to click around Dallasnews.com after Monday so I can take credit for the traffic increase.

Travis Hudson

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Rob Emslie

Good luck Travis, and thanks for all the hard work. I'll be checking in on your new employer next week. I can't wait to hear your take on the crowed parking lots along DART's redline.