Farewell From Crazy Euro Car Boy

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(Our own Peter Orosz has been promoted up the Gawker ladder so, in honor of his service to the site, we're giving him the Fourth of July to post whatever he wants. He's been a great addition to the site and we're glad we're keeping him in the company. Having him work on American Independence Day is not random, but rather a sign of gratitude to Hungarian patriots like Colonel Michael Kovats, who died fighting for the American cause. Thanks Peter! — Ed.)

It is time for me to go. It breaks my heart but it is time for me to go. Today is my last day at Jalopnik. I will keep this short.

Thank you for reading my posts. I hope some of them made you cry. I hope some of them made you laugh. I hope some of them were decent. Thank you for your letters, thank you for your comments, thank you for everything.


I’m not going very far but I’m leaving nevertheless: I’ll be running Gawker Media’s editorial back office from now on. We’ll meet again. In the conversations.

Enjoy the fireworks and the good food and the company of your family and your friends. I’ll be around all day today with a last round of posts. If you can temporarily trade the grilling of meat and the firing of rockets for some Lamborghini Miuras, road trips, used car horror stories and a mind-bending road movie from Barcelona to Budapest, you know where to come.

Drive a GT86. Rock out to “Demolición”. Do something wild.

Love you guys,

Peter Orosz
Budapest, Hungary

P.S.: 1–7–4–10–2–8–6–12–3–9–5–11

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Sok szerencsét kivánok!

Gonna miss reading your stories and seeing your pictures on the site.

And I hope I spelled it right! I have a co-worker who is American but his father is a Hungarian immigrant to the U.S. and he shouts that and laughs at me every time something goes kablooey at work and I'm stuck fixing it.