Faraday Future Plans Nevada Mini-Factory Where $1 Billion Mega Factory Is Supposed To Go

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Mysterious car company Faraday Future announced last year that it will build a colossal $1 billion factory in North Las Vegas, but after a $21 million late bill a few months back and a company-wide focus on CES, the factory went on hold. Now, the company will apparently make a mini-factory first before expanding to full size.


Faraday Future promises that the mini-factory will be 650,000 square feet, as opposed to three million square feet of the full scale version. AECOM is still responsible for construction, which is supposed to be finished by the end of August, North Las Vegas city manager Dr. Qiong Liu stated in a press conference, as local Las Vegas Now 8 News reports.

Still unresolved is the company’s Chinese production capability, for which it may still not have a permit.


This is a weird sort of re-planning for the factory given the company’s earlier bombastic pronouncements. That said, it does make sense to me, and seems like the only way Faraday Future could meet its planned 2018 production start date.

(Hat tip to Mark!)