Faraday Future Gets Approval To Test Self-Driving Cars Out In The Open

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Faraday Future’s vision for the future of cars falls right in line with everyone else’s: electric and autonomous. But the car it showed off at CES was a bit too smoke-and-mirrors for us to give it much cred. Now approval from California for Faraday to test their cars on public roads might just give the company the opportunity to show us what they’ve got.

Reuters has also confirmed the story, with reports that Faraday has prototypes that it has been testing on private roads, but not yet on public ones.


According to Business Insider, the startup had also applied for manufacturer plates in Michigan, which it will need if it plans to test autonomous cars on public roads there.

If you think this is starting to sound awfully close to a Tesla story, you’d be right: Faraday Future is currently working on a deal to build a production facility and office in California.

And hey, if this might mean some healthy competition for Tesla, then full steam ahead, we say.

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This company has yet to actually show anything remotely resembling a working car that could potentially buy. How do you have self driving cars when you don’t make any cars?