Ken Blockcrashed on day two at Rally Mexico with his new Focus WRC. That's okay, because a fan with a rally-bodied Mk1 Focus still thinks Block's Monster Racing ">Fiesta's cool enough to copy anyway.

The fan's had all his hard work rewarded with a picture of his car up on Monster Energy Racing's Facebook page, which to the kids these days is probably like getting a major shout out — who knows anymore. Just in case he was concerned the fancy paint job might be out of style, the Fiesta from the Rally America series is still in as it's shared with the Focus WRC Block took to Rally Mexico for his rookie debut in the World Rally Championship.

During the three-day Rally Mexico, Block and co-driver Alex Gelsomino managed a clean run on Friday and got credit for it with a place on the leader board. They didn't fare so well on the second day where they had an off on the first stage after misreading a surface change and had to retire for the day. Under SuperRally rules they were allowed to return to racing the next day with penalties and ran eighth fastest on the day. The final stages saw the team running second place for much of the stage, but eventually lost time following a puncture. Could have been a better showing, but not bad for a guy who used to be a hooligan ramping cars off things. Just as long as they continue delivering photographs like the one below, we'll be happy.