Family Of Mummified Michigan Woman Believes She Was Murdered

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The family of a woman unseen since 2008 and found mummified in her Pontiac home has started a Facebook page for anyone with answers about her six-year disappearance to come forward. "We believe this was a murder and we want answers," relatives write.


The page, titled "Mummified in Michigan" ("I knew you would be able to relate it with the headlines they are using in the news. I do not like the name but I wanted the connection to be made with the story and this page," the family writes) gives clearer detail on the woman, a former Chrysler Financial employee who was discovered after her home went into foreclosure.

Originally thought to be a German immigrant, Pia Farrenkopf was a Massachusetts native who worked as a contractor for Alltel before working for Chrysler's now-defunct financial arm. She resigned in 2008, believed to be the last time neighbors and relatives had been in contact with her. Her body was found in the back seat of her Jeep Liberty by a contractor working on the home.

When asked why relatives weren't in better contact with Farrenkopf, relatives attributed it to her private nature and her frequent work travel. The family had requested a wellness check and were also told by neighbors that at one point, Farrenkopf owned a dog and cat that were taken away by authorities.

Farrenkopf's home went into foreclosure when auto-payments on her mortgage and other expenses drained a $54,000 bank account. Her neighbors also cut her grass for her, leading many to suspect nothing was amiss.

There's still no explanation as to why records show Farrenkopf voted in a 2010 election.


While the investigation continues, Farrenkopf's family believes foul play is at hand. "You tell me who climbs into the back seat of their car to get something and closes the door behind them," they write.