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Jackie Stewart’s transition from three-time Formula One World Champion to businessman and public figure was pretty flawless. It’s pretty hard to argue with someone as universally well-known as Stewart when it comes to cars; the man was basically a self-made racer who dug his own path to success.


But even if you didn’t know him for his racing, then chances are you’ve seen him in plenty of commercials over the years. We all know the Heineken commercial—but not everything was quite that… spectacular.

I’d like to formally invite you to join me as we dive down into the depths of YouTube. I’m dusting off some of my favorite Jackie Stewart commercials to share with the rest of you. Some are great because they’re so bad, some are just plain bad, and some are just… interesting.

What better way to cap off your Sunday?

Ford Capri Mark2 (feat. Helen Stewart)

Watch Jackie and his wife load up their luggage and go for a drive to show you how great the Ford Capri can be.

Ford Pinto vs. All Of Japan

Jackie is here to show you how great the American-made Pinto can be by comparing it to pretty much all of the most popular Japanese cars in a test to see… who can pass a pickup faster.

Jackie Stewart vs. The British Rail System

I mean, it probably does say a lot about the state of traffic in England.

Ford Cortina

It’s like a 1970s movie cruise scene, it’s so great. It’s like they booked Jackie for exactly five seconds of video and that’s it.

The Smooth Ford Tempo

Nothing makes me want to drive a Tempo quite as much as Jackie Stewart feeding me sound bites about how great it is.

Ford’s Airbags Are Peak 1990s

The computers. The animations. This is five minutes of great.

Dale Jarrett, Jackie Stewart, and UPS

This one is such a classic.

Blue Poly Car Wax Protects Against EVERYTHING

This one is hilarious just because it’s like so hyperbolic. More commercials like this one, please.

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