In the same 1953 issue of Popular Science that I found those trucks you can happily be run over by, I also came upon this small story about a proposal to use fake, 2D cutouts of cop cars to dissuade speeders. Not too weird, right? Except the article also suggests putting real cop cars behind the fake ones.

The thinking was the fake cop cars would dissuade most people from speeding or being reckless, and by having real cops behind the fake cops, those who knew the cop cars were fake would still be careful because there might be a real cop behind the fake cop.

I guess that’s better than just having a real cop car, because it means the fake cars may really be real cars except for the fake cars that are fake or the real cars that are real.

To really make this work, they need to have a real cop car that’s hiding a fake one which is hiding a real one. Also, one real car has mannequins dressed like cops in it.


That way no one will have any idea what the fuck is going on anywhere, ever with any cop car and we can all just stay home and never leave again because these goddamn 1950s cops are making the outside world such a goddamn mindfuck already.

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