Fake Bigfoot Accidentally Killed By Motorists In Hoax Gone Wrong

While Bigfoot has been spotted for decades in the woods around the United States, almost every single video has been proven to be a hoax.

This weekend, another attempt at a hoax went terribly wrong when a man in a Sasquatch costume was hit by two cars and killed.


The man, identified as 44-year old Randy Lee Tenley, was wearing a suit that would make him look like Bigfoot. Friends said that he was planning a hoax.

Unfortunately, that plan went very wrong when Tenley went onto Highway 93. He was hit by two teenaged drivers that couldn't get out of the way. The impacts proved to be too much and Tenley died from his injuries.

The police aren't sure why anyone would wander onto an active highway in camo like that, even for a hoax. They are awaiting toxicology reports to see if Tenley had been drinking prior to the hoax gone wrong.

(Hat Tip to Thresher!)

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