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Wanna rebel against tradition? Spit in the eye of convention? Enrage old fogies and confuse the kids? This is how you do it. The Fairlane Afterburner; one of the most original and over-the-top customs we've seen in a while.


Ringbrothers has been building a lot of stunners lately, and this one might be their finest yet. It eschews virtually every moribund trend on the hot-rodding scene right now and goes its own way. It pays no respect to tradition, which is sometimes refreshing. The '64 Fairlane wears carbon fiber fenders, hood, front and rear bumper, and deck lid spoiler, it also accentuates the now-matte factory chrome faux side intakes with carbon fiber extensions. Inside the entire car is remanufactured to bring it into the modern age, with machined aluminum brackets, tasteful canvas fabrics and a retromodern gauge panel that looks like it came from an automotive design student's wildest fantasies. Where things get really ridiculous is under the hood. Check out the Roush 427 IR motor topped with velocity stacks nestled into an engine bay braced with machined tower and cross-car braces. We're falling all over ourselves at the little details — the matte finish on what used to be chrome, the beautifully reworked steering wheel, the Baer brakes behind three piece wheels... it's a thing of beauty. Bravo gentlemen, bravo.

Check out the build gallery on their website at Ringbrothers

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